Tom McFly’s Wedding Speech is the BEST THING EVER.

I’ve just watched this video for the third time in a week, and it has made me cry for the third time in a week. When I first watched this video, it only had 300 odd views, but as I type this, it has had over 5 MILLION views. And so it should. If you haven’t seen it already, you must live under a rock! It’s incredible! This is Tom Fletcher from the UK band McFly, who turned his wedding speech into a medley of McFly songs and by doing so, set the bar extremely high for any future groom who has to make a speech.

This is the most shared video on my Facebook feed this week, and not just from McFly fans. You don’t even need to know their songs to appreciate this speech. It’s clever, it’s funny, it’s beautiful, it’s heart warming and it even has a frikkin’ kids choir singing. The brand new Mr and Mrs Fletcher do very well to control their tears throughout the speech, whilst the world (the video has reportedly been shown on news channels in the US and Spain) cries their eyes out at the beauty of it.

I’ve been a McFly fan from day one. I’ve watched them grow from four (slightly dorky) teenagers, into handsome grown up men. As a fellow McFly fan said, watching them get married gives us a motherly sense of pride. (Although they’re older than us..) I’m not as obsessed with McFly as I was with their godfathers, Busted, but they do make me squeal with joy, and I was ridiculously excited on hearing about Tom and his girlfriend Giovanna getting engaged. At last it had happened! A day all us McFly fans had been waiting for with such glee and delight.

Then they got married. I eagerly awaited their issue of OK! magazine to be published so I could stare in awe at the wedding photos and hear how simply amazing it was. I had seen on Twitter various wedding guests congratulating Tom on an amazing speech, and how he had set the bar high. In the article surrounding their wedding photos it mentioned Tom has changed the words from “All About You” (and song originally written for Giovanna) to suit the wedding day. What they didn’t tell us was he had changed the words of a few other McFly songs too.

Fast forward to 8 months later, and this “amazing” wedding speech is finally uploaded to YouTube by the main man himself. And wow. Originally I saw it was almost 15 minutes long and thought, “Blimey he goes on a bit”, but every single second of that 14 minute and 41 second video is incredible. OK, so I am being biased because I adore McFly, but everyone I know who has seen it, has cried. Even those I had been convinced were made of stone.

Now if you haven’t seen the video yet: MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT. So either watch it now, or have it spoiled.

Tom begins his speech by admitting he hates public speaking, and has been very nervous and worried about this speech. So he wrote a song instead. He kicks it off with a version of “Obviously” changing the lyrics to say he has “recently been having a wedding” and goes on to thank everyone who came, but he can only mention a few people in the song. He apologises if he misses anyone out, but he’s “just a bit forgetful“. Whilst he’s singing his song, there is a very cleverly constructed power point presentation playing along on the screens in the venue. This is a lovely visualisation and a good distraction from Tom himself, who is doing his best to stay confident whilst all eyes are on him. He leads in to a change of song by singing “Here we go, I hope I don’t get this wrong“.

Boom. Song change, and to the melody of “Star Girl”, he thanks all of his ushers which include McFly’s band manager Fletch and Giovanna’s brother (Mario from TOWIE don’t you know!) singing that they couldn’t have been better Ushers unless they were actually Usher.

Song change, and the recognisable piano melody of “Sorry’s Not Good Enough” is used for Tom to thank the Bridesmaids. He makes a special dedication to Giorgina, Giovanna’s sister and even adds “it’s pretty cool that my sister-in-law is so hot!” before thanking his own sister, Carrie Fletcher, who he can’t believe is “so grown up” and to “don’t go changing”. He thanks her for singing at the wedding but of course “thank you’s not good enough”.

Key change and there is a the delicate intro to “Room of the Third Floor” whilst images of Tom’s fellow band mates, Harry, Dougie and Danny, flash up on the screen. “Thanks to my Best Men, you are the best friends, that I know I will ever have, ” begins Tom. As a McFly fan, whose finding the speech incredible heart warming, this is where the tears began to fall as he continues to sing:
You’re more like brothers,
Sometimes lovers,
But we won’t tell them about that.
We’ve been together for what feels like for-ever,
But I’d do it all again and again,
But we’re only getting started,
And I know McFly will never end.
Any true McFly fan knows how much this means to Tom, and probably squeaked out an “awwww!” like I did. Continuing to the tune of “Room on the Third Floor” Tom thanks each member individual, and you can see Harry and Dougie smiling at his beautiful song, but Danny’s face is hidden away, and it’s clear when Tom sings to him that he’s probably crying and about to set Tom off. In McFly’s book “Unsaid Things” Tom had said that his speech to the boys was the only one he hadn’t been able to practice run through without crying, but he manages to stay strong doing the real thing, and even adds a joke about Danny thinking “Eggs were vegetables” to take the edge off.

Song change and it’s the “Heart Never Lies”, only this time it’s “The Groom Never Lies” to which Tom thanks his own parents who are already tearing up, proving the line “I won’t say too much because I know you’ll start crying” to be an accurate prediction. He continues the song by thanking Giovanna’s parents and mentions that when he and Giovanna have a son or daughter, that Gi herself “will be a great mum with the things [they] have taught her“. He ends the penultimate part of his song by singing,
I’ll love her for all my life and the groom never lies.” he adds, “He cries though!

Then comes the finale. If you’re not crying by now, you will shortly. “All About You” begins with a
shot of Giovanna and the photo she posted shortly after she announced her engagement – her hand over her face and her engagement ring in full view. Tom looks at his wife lovingly and begins..
Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew,
But today you made me smile, by saying ‘I Do’,
Then I whispered in your ear and I said, ‘Thank You, you have made my life worthwhile, by saying “I Do”‘,
And I would answer all your wishes,
Don’t need to ask me to,
And if you deny me one of your kisses,
I won’t divorce you.
So here’s my speech,
But really it’s just a song or two,
And this one should make you smile ,
It’s all about you.


Out comes the Sylvia Young Theatre School choir singing the chorus of “All About You”. Cue hearts melting as Tom continues to gaze lovingly into his new wife’s eyes and sings to her, promising to do all the dishes and that he’ll even dry and put them away because “that’s what husbands do“, with the choir behind singing along to all the new additions.

The song concludes with Tom doing his very best to keep those tears at bay as he sings,
So here’s a toast,
Please raise your glasses and champagne flutes,
Here’s to my beautiful wife,
From today for all life,
Especially on our wedding night,
It’s all about you.
Tom and the choir, with the help from fellow wedding guests sing the final chorus, and it ends with a very well deserved round of applause and standing ovation, whilst those of us who are watching from YouTube are reaching the end of the tissues that have been used to wipe away the millions of tears of joy and beauty we have cried.


I’ve never heard such an entertaining, heartfelt, amusing speech, and I don’t think anyone will ever compare. Good luck to whoever becomes my future husband, because my expectations of a wedding speech are now set ridiculously high. If you happen to be reading this, best get working on re-writing my favourite songs!


2 thoughts on “Tom McFly’s Wedding Speech is the BEST THING EVER.

  1. hi, i found this blog and yes, i agree with you. Tom did great job with his speech.
    i cried too every time i watch the video 😀

    nice article here !

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